Our Philosophy

Take the guesswork out of eating right.

In a time when ‘Supersize’ has become the normal size, we have lost the ability to judge what a right-sized portion actually looks like. On top of that, with obesity on the rise, people are turning to restrictive fad diets and possibly dangerous pills to try to shed pounds. This is why we created the Precise Portions Nutrition Control System.

We set out to design dishware that would let consumers start eating well right away – and that means eating the right foods in the right proportion. After all, eating right and managing weight are not things that are achieved overnight. They take time and consistency, but that doesn’t mean they have to be complicated.

Precise Portions dishware has all the hard work designed right in, so all consumers have to do is follow the lines on each plate, bowl and glass. Portion control can also be stylish. Our attractive vine and leaf design helps consumers portion the right amounts without alerting anyone else that they are doing so. They can use Precise Portions dishware for any occasion.

Our ultimate goal is to help people live healthier lives. By helping people to eat right- and by partnering with retailers, health care professionals, schools, and other organizations-we’re on our way to achieving that.