Precise Portions System

Just follow the lines for weight management success.

When we set out to develop the Precise Portions Nutrition Control System, we collaborated with dietitians. Working with them, we were able to determine optimum portions sizes, as well as the proportions of each type of food for each meal. We’ve done this work so consumers don’t have to. All they have to do is follow the lines.

The Precise Portions Follow The Lines Method - dietitian designed for optimal results

The Precise Portions Follow The Lines System

Our plates are marked with a stylish design which also acts as a measure for the different food groups. The largest part of the plate is for non-starchy vegetables. There is a space for lean meats or meat substitutes, as well as one for starch or grains. When one follows the lines, they will be serving up the perfect portion size for healthy weight management.

The same goes for our bowls and glasses. When consumers just follow the lines for the right amount of food and drinks, and they’ll be eating healthily while barely realizing it.