Portion Control

The diet plan that doesn’t require a plan.

The plate method of controlling how much we eat started many years ago in Sweden and was adapted for use in America by nutritionists at the University of Utah. With the 
Precise Portions Nutrition Control System, we have taken that basic science and, with our dietitians, created a very family friendly, useful, eat well, weight control tool.

Our Nutrition Control System takes all the guesswork out of healthy eating and weight management. This is not a diet plan, it does not involve pills, and we don’t force you to eat specific foods. What we do is give you easy-to-follow guidelines around the types of foods you eat, and more to the point, how much you eat at any one meal.

These guidelines take the form of our Nutrition Control System. Precise Portions Nutrition Control System is based on the United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate, taking into account all of the food groups that are necessary to a good diet. Plus, our Nutrition Control System refines the MyPlate concept with more specifics for healthy eating.