Our System

Founded on the principle that healthy eating doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Precise Portions started as the brainchild of Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens, the result of their personal research into healthy eating habits for diabetics. Turns out, the idea of a system that would bring portion control to the dinner table was a simple one. The “Plate Method” of controlling how much we eat was first developed in Sweden, and brought to the United States by nutritionists at the University of Utah. We have taken the basic science of those nutritionists and, with the help of our dietitians, created the Precise Portions Nutrition Control System.

The Precise Portions system offers portion control solutions that help you and yours..and your clients… eat the way we were meant to, and live life the way you want to. Taking control of eating and nutrition can be liberating, natural, and comfortable. Plus, with Precise Portions’ stylish dishes, healthy eating is easier than ever, and something everyone can do every single day.