Our Products

A wide selection to suit any occasion.

Understanding that portion control is one of the most important elements in maintaining a healthy diet, we have created place settings, plates, bowls, and glasses suitable for every meal and snack, each marked with the correct portion sizes for each type of food. With Precise Portions products, you, your stakeholders, and your customers never have to measure food, weigh portions, or count calories.

The Precise Portions Nutrition Control System comes in three product ranges, with a host of additional resources for weight management and nutrition:

Lifestyle Range
Our signature range of stylish porcelain dishware. Microwave and dishwasher safe, these attractive dishes are suitable for any occasion. This range includes dinner plates, side plates, bowls and glasses.
Travel Range
Our microwave and dishwasher safe sealable Go Healthy travel plate, which keeps portions precise even on the go. This sturdy, BPA-free sectioned travel plate comes with a secure lid.
Eco Range
Our Eco Compostable plates, bowls and cups provide an ecologically safe alternative to plastic plates, letting people practice proper portion control at picnics, sporting events, church functions and other fun activities.
Other Products & Services
As part of the overall Precise Portions Nutrition Control System, we also offer healthy eating resources, recipes and full cookbooks, as well as a nutritious, dietitian-developed weight management eating plan.