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The proof of Precise Portions as a successful product range is based on consumer response. Our customers have spoken, and they’re very happy with their healthier diet and weight management, thanks to the Precise Portions Nutrition Control System:

[blockquote green]

Beautiful and useful

Reviewer: Y Gonzales from Albuquerque, NM United States
“Ordered these bowls for study participants to assist them in portion control of their food and they are a big hit! Not only are the bowls beautiful (porcelain) but are so helpful in measuring portions as well. Thank you for making a product that not only looks beautiful on the table but is useful to holds one accountable for how much is eaten!”[/blockquote green]

[blockquote yellow]


Reviewer: Melinda Easley,NP from Roanoke, VA United States
“Excellent teaching tool and patient reminder for menu planning and portion control”[/blockquote yellow]

[blockquote red]

A+ Product

Reviewer: CH from Beachwood, NJ United States
“I am a Registered Dietitian and found that this product will be very helpful in communicating portion control not only for weight control but also for a diabetic as well as for the adolescent who you are trying to teach portion control. Visualizing things along with the verbal sometimes makes it easier to understand. Plus it looks nice enough to use on the table everyday without being obvious about what you are doing.”[/blockquote red]

[blockquote blue]Reviewer: Emily, Montclair, NJ
“This set is an excellent way to eat the foods you love, but still make sure your diet is balanced. I am a big fan!”[/blockquote blue]

[blockquote green]
Reviewer: Kathleen S., Windham, NH
“I received the items very quickly. The quality is excellent. As a Registered Dietitian working with wellness and weight control clients, I will use the plates for teaching and recommend the purchase of them for my class participants. The booklet has a lot of useful information regarding healthy selections.”[/blockquote green]

[blockquote yellow]
Reviewer: Jane D., Upstate New York, NY
“Exceeding my best expectations by leaps and bounds! Since the set is so easy to use, it is helping me eat in a healthier manner. Because the pieces are such fine quality, and so pleasant to look at, I am inspired to WANT to use the set as much as possible, which helps me eat balanced meals more often.”[/blockquote yellow]

[blockquote red]
Reviewer: Kris Bonham, Charlottesville, VA
“My clients are excited by the bowls which make measuring easy and can be microwaved in.”[/blockquote red]

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